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Appraisal and assessing services of old worldwide banknotes.

We continuously follow up thousands of banknotes at auctions around the world to get a full insight into the current market value. We control both supply and demand of banknotes in order to try to prevent possible falls or rises in prices, and thus provide the most reliable appraisal possible in today's market.

Can you imagine giving a lottery ticket to a random stranger so they can tell you if it has a reward? Do not do the same with your banknotes.

Predicting the future is a pretty complicated task, but with enough examination work we can achieve it.

How much does an appraisal service cost?

1 banknote3€
from 2 to 5 banknotes6€
10 banknotes8,5€
20 banknotes13,5€

EXAMPLE: If you have 7 banknotes, the cost will be €7 (€6 for the first 5 and €1 for the next two ones.)

If your collection is very large and requires an on-site examination, the price depends on several factors (ask me).

Accepted forms of payment

Payment can be made by credit/debit card, Paypal or by bank transfer.

As in the payment by card as in payment by paypal, the procedure is made through a secure platform.


Advantages of a professional appraisal

The purpose of an appraisal is quite simple: To know the exact price. This is the only way you can get away with a hypothetical sale.

In Spain it is very common to handle the value of the banknotes over the potential buyer, and it is not very difficult to deduce that there is a very clear conflict of interests, where the buyer will never lose out in the operation.

The realm of numismatic collecting is very complex when it comes to determining the value of a piece, since there are small details that someone who is not very skilled at the subject does not know. Banknotes that are apparently the same can have a huge difference in price from each other.

Do I buy your tickets after assessing them?

In the appraisals that I do, I will indicate the current market price of your banknotes. This means that I will tell you the price that you would have to pay if you wanted to buy similar pieces.

If the banknote(s) that you offer me is interesting for my private collection, or for one of my customers, I will make you an offer, but always after having carried out the examination.

Updated appraisal

The appraisals are made based on today's market, but if I consider that a ticket may increase in value in the future, I will give you my opinion so that you can decide if you prefer to keep them.

Have a look: https://banknotescollection.com/article/where-and-how-to-value-old-notes

if you want to know How much are your old banknotes worth? I suggest you to do the following:

Assessing through Whatsapp

In 99% of the cases it is not necessary to examine the ticket in person, and with some photos I can make a full appraisal, thus reducing the costs associated with traveling for an on-site assessment.

I just need you to send me some clear photos, where I can appreciate the aspects of the banknote(s).

Try to minimize the number of photos you send, to do so, place the banknotes on a table in a sorted way, and take a photo of the table. If you have more than one banknote of the same type, fan them out so that you can see the conservation of the margin.

If I need it, I will ask you for specific photos of a banknote later.

How do I send the photos for a correct assessment?


Itemized assessing.

In my valuation I include the market price of all your tickets, paying special attention to its particular details (conservation, series, year, signature, etc.), which will give you a very clear idea of ​​the value of what you have.

On-site assessing.

Conceived for collections of considerable size and value. I go myself, or a fellow expert, to the place where the collection is located to study each banknote exhaustively.

The price of an on-site assessment is previously agreed.

In any case, we will always ask you for photos by WhatsApp or email, in order to determine the type of ticket that you show us and whether the trip is worth making or not.


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