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French Somaliland 100 Francs P8A

País: French Somaliland
Continente: Africa
Referencia: P8A
Fecha: ND
Emisor: Banque de lIndochine


Informacion del anverso:

Allegorical woman

Informacion del reverso:

 Four faces of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara (God who hears the cry of the World), Bayon temple (Angkor, Cambodia)
Notas: Specimen only with round red overprint at lower right and front and lower left on back for a similar note without red overprints see DJIBOUTI P-8 for similar notes with overprints from other French possessions see NOUMÉA: NEW CALEDONIA P-42 NOUMÉA & stamp and overprint "NOUVELLES HÉBRIDES": NEW HEBRIDES P-9 & NEW HEBRIDES P-10 PAPEETE: TAHITI P-14 & TAHITI P-16A




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